FREE Gift!

JStylez ChelleChic Dress


Here ya go guys just a little something from me to say THANK YOU!

Enjoy :D

Hugs Jiovi

If you have friends who would want this to, I have put it out in store (no group required) heres the slurl to it in store –>>http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hawk%20Land/124/50/25

NiamhSpring MESH Dress

JStylez NiamhSpring

Lily MESH Outfits

Lily Lily-Apple MESH Outfit

Samantha MESH Dress

SamanthaBlack MESH Dress


SamanthaPink SamanthaBlue SamanthaGreen SamanthaRed

Maddie MESH Dress

Maddie MESH Dress

KellySpring MESH Dress

KellySpring MESH Dress

Kelly MESH Dresses






KellyBlue MESH Dress

KellyRed Dress KellyPink Dress KellyLatte Dress KellyWhite Dress


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